Directions and GPS coordinates get you there every time.

Try our travel guide/toilet navigator, Potty Poche™. Available in June, 2019 in the Apple/Google stores. For only 1.99 (USD) you can fearlessly venture forth in the fascinating Languedoc-Roussillon, armed with the knowledge and data of places to go when you are on the go. A great deal for adventure and peace of mind, and a win-win for both of us!

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Welcome to the Potty Poche™ App, for people on the go who have to go! If you're like us, you are someone who likes to explore … get off the beaten path a bit. It’s when you get on the road less traveled that you sometimes find yourself in need, not knowing where you can relieve yourself.

Potty Poche™, a travel guide/toilet navigator, has solved that problem for you and provided you with a travel guide to must-see destinations in the Languedoc-Roussillon departments of Pyrénées-Orientales, Aude, and the Herault.

We’ve detailed:

  • villages on the Seaside Trail
  • castles, abbeys, and ruins on the Cathar Trail
  • France's Most Beautiful Villages Trail
  • happenings and celebrations on the Festival Trail
  • five of our favorite Market Towns

You can explore them all with peace of mind if you have our travel guide/toilet navigator app, Potty Poche™.

We have diligently visited each venue listed (whew!), evaluated the public toilet facilities for each location, and rated each toilet for its amenities and cleanliness. Or lack thereof.

These are the categories considered:

  • handicap availability
  • the type of toilet available, with seat or without
  • the presence of toilet paper, water, soap, and towels or hand dryer (baby-changing table and showers were extras)
  • condition of facility